What we do

Our Mission

Swiss Post not only transports goods, data and people safely and reliably from A to B, it also connects people and brings cultures together. With our logistics, digital and mobility services we are one of the largest IT employers in Switzerland: 1,300 employees and over 400 external IT specialists drive forward the digitalisation of Swiss Post. We handle over 400 software projects each year and run more than 1,000 applications – with these figures set to rise in future. This is where you fit in. With our IT Campus in Lisbon, connecting people and bringing cultures together makes even more sense. We learn from each other every day, and that's how we grow stronger together for the Swiss Post. Become the plus of Swiss Post IT.

Our differences are our strength!

Our values

Customer-centric – with emotion, courage and reason

We consistently design solutions from our customers’ perspective. Our actions are shaped by entrepreneurship, courage and empathy. We strive for the optimum solution.

Carolina sitting in front of a laptop.

Trustworthy – by people and for people

We cooperate efficiently and in a spirit of partnership and treat others – both within and outside the company – with appreciation and respect, enabling us to create scope for new opportunities.

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Committed – from small to large scale

Our joined-up and autonomous thinking and actions are the foundations for the holistic evolution of Swiss Post.

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Are you ready to become a plus

I am!

Our strategy Learn about who we are and how we have continually re-invented ourselves